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Premium Protection Group SA is present in Switzerland and brings together a group of professionals in surveillance and response who are highly trained.

Premium Protection Group is a company specialized in the field of security. It is made up of several departments: the protection of persons and property, surveillance services, an events organization department,as well as a department of transport of items of value and documents.

The company also has an operational general intelligence department (private detectives), and a department of studies, development and implementation of security concepts recognized in several countries.

Training of security agents


To ensure first class service and outstanding professionalism, we train our teams not only before the embark on their assignments but also on the job. The police agreement of Western Switzerland on security companies requires that agents undergo a theoretical training, obviously provided in our company.

For the sake of thoroughness and accuracy, we provide, in addition to theoretical training, practical courses to our agents.

For a quality service, it is necessary that each of our employees' skills are in line with the security industry. Thus, we offer, in addition to basic training, specialized and quality training in order to meet your every need. In the program, we have a particular training focused on protection but also on interrogation and handcuffing techniques. We also provide combat readiness training and firearms licence preparation. Finally, we provide to our agents training and awareness on the importance of managing emotions and stress in various types of situations. We also offer regular counseling to staff who wish.

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